Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Met a friend at Lawley's for breakfast this morning. Situated along bustling Beaufort Street I was surprised to find there was only a few people inside. Mind you, it was a Tuesday!

I scoured the beautiful cabinet full of cold pastries, tarts, cakes etc. with my daughter and she chose a small cream filled lamington and a small choc hazelnut tart to go with her babycino.

I ordered a cappuccino for myself - I'm a cappuccino kinda gal; and then noticed they had CRONUTS on the bench, and promptly asked nicely for one of these along with Poached bacon & Eggs.

The coffee is a Lawley's blend and it was amazing! I had 2 cappuccino's all up, but my friend had a mocha and found hers a bit bitter.......perhaps it was the chocolate?!?

Our breakfasts and sweets came out and one of my eggs was a bit overdone, but overall it was yummy and I ate the whole thing!

Once we finished we had another browse at the fridge cabinet with an awesome array of gourmet rolls, sandwiches, salads, frittatas and plenty more, and I chose a turkey, bacon and cranberry roll on rye bread for my lunch later.

I also picked up a fresh sliced loaf of bread, a cheese bagel, a sultana bagel, plain bagel, raspberry tart and 2 profiteroles to take home.

Love Lawley's for the fact I had breakfast, coffee and bought some lunch and dessert whilst there too!

Ill be back!!

Lawley's Bakery & Café - Open 7 Days
618 Beaufort St, Mt Lawley

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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Herdsman

9 Flynn Street Churchlands WA
Hi there, I’m April and I’m so excited to have been asked by The Herdsman to be their December Blogger! I’m a passionate foodie who loves cooking with fresh, local produce and believes in keeping food simple.
I was first introduced to The Herdsman a few years ago when I tagged along with my sister, who regularly shopped here. Then once I walked in, I knew I’d found foodie heaven!
Inside the Herdsman you’ll find everything. Fresh flowers from the florist as you walk in, local fresh fruit & vegetables. A big section with Pre-made salads, fruit salads, flavoured yoghurts, potato, bean & pasta salads, , fresh meat & salad lunch trays, sandwiches, rolls & sushi. If you don’t feel like cooking they stock house-made stews, soups, casseroles & pizzas made with real ingredients ready to heat and eat. They also make and sell a few desserts, choc mousse& sticky date pudding to name a couple.
The deli is stocked with antipasto items, dips, olives, marinated Fremantle prawns etc. You can also have sushi, sandwich and meat & cheese platters made to order. These looked amazing, I snuck a peak when a customer picked some up that day! Hot beef/pork n gravy rolls, hot roast dinners & chicken schnitzel burgers are also available from the deli too for a hot, quick lunch.

The Herdsman cheese station is a cheese lover’s paradise. Local and imported cheeses line the big refrigerator with lots of accompaniments, which would complete the perfect cheese platter.

I love the bakery, heaps of gourmet loaves and sweet & savoury pastries to choose from.

The Herdsman has an independently run Butcher and Fishmonger on the premises too.

So I went along on a Friday to scour the massive range and figure out what I would take home. As I walked in I noticed their Calypso Mangoes for $2.99 each, which is great and cheaper than my local supermarket at the moment, so I put them in my basket along with some peaches, yellow flesh nectarines, cherries and a punnet of beautiful smelling strawberries. That’s my fruit platter all sorted, and I love new-season stone fruit! Then I picked up some house made Passionfruit Yoghurt to go with, Yum!
Back to the fresh premade section I grabbed one of their supreme pizzas, great reasonable price and an easy dinner. The house-made Pesto would go great with the pizza so in the basket went the Rocket Pesto.
With my dinner and dessert all sorted I headed to the Deli and grabbed a small container of The Herdsman’s famous chicken chilli mango meatballs. These are so yummy, they never last the day I bring them back!! Then I ordered a hot roast beef and gravy roll for my lunch and the beef was so tender and melt-in-the-mouth, filled the gap for sure.

If you’ve never been The Herdsman then I suggest you check it out. Why not purchase some pre-made salads, platters and some beautiful fresh fruit for your next BBQ or Picnic. Or just to have a browse, but I doubt you’ll leave empty handed!
Thanks, The Herdsman, I’ll be back!

Had this recipe given to me recently by a foodie friend and its amazing!!

It makes a lot! so is great for parties, picnics etc.

I've made 2 in the last few weeks, one with red jelly the other with yellow jelly......I like the yellow on better and the passionfruit jelly goes well with the lemon cheesecake filling.


We visited Coventry's Seafood Bar & Grill at the Coventry Village Markets in Morley last weekend.

The place was big with plenty of seating but only had a handful of families dining, mind you this was on a high 30 degree day, though it was quite comfortable inside.

What initially drew us inside was the '$14.95 seafood lunch special', which sounded very reasonable in price and looked very filling!

Ordering from the drinks menu we saw all bottled beers including imported names only $5, plus cocktails $9, half price then the majority of bars around Perth!

I ordered a Mango & Strawberry Daiquiri and my hubby chose a Mojito. They were both fantastic and just what we needed on a hot sweaty day.

OK now back to the seafood special, we had the option to have it 'fried or grilled', I chose grilled, hubby chose the latter.

Turned out to be amazing! Snapper, chips, onion rings, calamari rings, cold cooked prawns, prawn nori sushi roll, half an oyster served with sweet chilli and garlic aioli sauce.

How good was that for $14.95!!

We have plans to return in a few weeks with friends.

Coventry Village
243-253 Walter Road
Open to 7pm daily* and 9pm on Thursdays*
Restaurants open to late – *Individual shops may vary

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