Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wooohooo! This is my first post for 2016 and definitely my first post in a while......we're all entitled to a break every now n then right...?

Anyways, I've been making this for a few months now...Pannacotta's are all the rage at the moment and you'll find them on most cafes Menu's around Perth especially in these warmer months.

I've become particularly fond of this Gippsland Dairy Yoghurt due to the way it combines creamily with the gelatine and also the delicious flavours they come in. This recipe I've used their Mango and Blood Orange Flavour.

My hubby loves these in the morning for a light breakfast served with some toasted muesli, milk and fresh fruit!

Yoghurt Pannacotta 

Recipe by April Kopf
Prep time: 4 mins
Makes: 6 Small Servings
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Yoghurt of your choice (I used Gippsland Dairy Mango and Blood Orange)
2 Teaspoons Gelatine (my rule is 1 tsp of gelatine per 1 cup of liquid)
30ml Boiling hot water

Sprinkle Gelatine over the hot water and stir until gelatine is dissolved. Let cool.

Whisk the Yoghurt and Milk in a bowl or jug until combined and whisk in the gelatine mix.

Pour into moulds. I used these metal moulds I got from Kitchen Warehouse and I found there's no need to oil or grease them because they turn out quite easily.

Refrigerate overnight preferably, but I find if you make these mid-morning they'll be OK for dessert!

We usually have ours for a nice light breakfast with muesli, milk and fruit but they also go great for a snack anytime!