Monday, June 23, 2014

We decided to visit Jamie's Italian a few months ago, and had heard stories of people lining up for a while and not being seated at a table for HOURS!  So, being eager to try out the famous Chef's Trademark restaurant and not be disappointed, we chose to dine in for lunch on a weekday during my Hubby's holidays.

We arrived just before opening time (11am) and were about the 4th couple from the front, so we were seated very quickly when the doors opened. Once seated, we had our drinks order taken and were given our menus. The place was filling up quickly but only ended up being about half full for this lunch service.

It was also different to see the waiters have their own little bread stations set up around the restaurant where they prepare the baskets full of assorted breads drizzled with Olive Oil, free of charge.

For entrée we chose to share the Crispy Arancini Balls and Crispy Squid. The Arancini Balls were huge and 3 were definitely enough for an entrée for 2 to share.

Our mains took a long while to come out, about an hour, as I was told they hadn't prepared the Ravioli and were frantically making it from scratch. I was promised it would be the freshest ravioli I'd ever eat! Whilst we were waiting I ordered a Mojito. Though what came out was a Ginger Mojito, the non-alcoholic version, boo! where's the fun in that!?!?

Finally our mains arrived and my Hubby had the Crab Risotto which was perfectly cooked, creamy with the subtle sweetness of the fresh crab.

My Mushroom Ravioli was al-dente with a lovely tomato and mushroom sauce. I thought it was great they didn't make me choose another main and prepared it fresh, though we did wait a while for it.

In the end, they knew we had waited a long time and with my Mojito being 'non-alcoholic', they didn't charge us for my main and my cocktail.

Despite it being a relatively cheap lunch outing I know my next experience at Jamie's will be a good one.

*These pictures were taken about 6 months ago and they have since changed their menu.

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  1. I have to say I felt Jamie's is a bit overrated The food was good but not worth the ridunculous wait (that is a word BTW), the service was friendly but not spot on and they dont have any GF pasta or bread - an essential for an Italian restaurant to be GF friendly (my thoughts but I AM demanding lol)

    1. Yes, was nothing to rave about, but you're right, in this day and age there should be options to suit all patrons. If other Italian places can do it, why can't they!?


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