Saturday, April 19, 2014

I was so excited to attend the Perth Food Truck Rumble on Sunday 13th April 2014.

Held at the Perth Cultural Centre we got there just on 11am, pretty much on the dot and found parking easy at the CPP Carpark there.

We walked straight up to the trucks and because it was pretty warm we decided to head to Delish Ice and grabbed a Watermelon Lemonade Icy Pole ($4) for my daughter. Located just near the WA Museum, we found a seat along the limestone wall about 20 meters away.

It was lovely and sweet with a nice ripe watermelon flavour, sometimes I find watermelon flavoured 'anythings' too strong; but this was Delish! I had a few more bites before handing back to my eager daughter.

By this time the crowds were piling in quickly so we made a bee-line for The Merrywell Food Truck, being fairly new and always a good feed at the Crown Perth, I knew they wouldn't disappoint.

I pretty much made this the 'mains' of my lunch outing, I knew it'd get busy plus I only had about 2 hours max to spend here. After lining up for about 2 mins I ordered the twin burgers ($10) and Deep Fried Mac n Cheese Bites ($10) and went halves with my hubby for the burgers. I got my number and realised i was about 20 away from what they were calling out, then waited in the HOT sun, but then I noticed they were pumping their orders out SO quickly, like 2-4 per minute!!

5 Mins later and I had my order..I was very sweaty but The Mac n Cheese Bites were so good! Crispy and stretchy mozzarella cheese served with a tangy chutney sauce, we all enjoyed these. The burgers were the perfect size for me, the buns were soft and the meat tender and juicy.


I left my family happily sitting in the shade and decided to check out the lines for more yummy food before too many people set in. I noticed the Jumplings line was sooooo long and well as Theo's Lil Ceasers Pizza's.

So I lined up and was quickly served by Vinces Woodfired Pizza Truck. I ordered a Pepperoni Pizza ($14) and waited about 5 mintues in the shade! They had a few umbrellas set up so it was good to wait in the shade and in less than 5 mins we had out hot pizza which was quite nice considering the limited toppings.

Lastly, we noticed the line for Ben & Jerrys had died down so we quickly lined up and stretched out necks out to scour the different flavours the had. The decision?? 1 Scoop each ($5.40) Triple Choc Fudge for our daughter (no pic, not quick enough) and Coffee for us.

OMG LOVED the Coffee ice cream! Taste just like an affogato!! AMAZING! with big choc chunks mixed in too! mmmmmmmm I didn't want to share this one!

Over all it was good, the weather was warm, I knew i'd wanna get in quick and taste as much as I could and I'm so glad I got to try the Merrywell Truck.

Let's hope they smooth over some rough edges and make this a permanent fixture for the City Of Perth Events.

My Sunday didn't end there though. A few days beforehand I'd won double tickets to an Andersen Cacao Creations  Raw Organic Chocolate Making Class in Fremantle through Michelle who own's the popular Perth Food Blog Foodie Cravings  .

I took a good friend along and met Michelle and her friend as well as Alan from Andersen Creations and we were shown how to make Raw Organic Handmade chocolates.

We flavoured our chocolates with raw nuts, goji berries, cacao beans, cacao nibs, sandalwood nuts, dried mango, dried chilli and sour cherries. It was a great class and it was a different experience being showed how to create chocolate that was good for you and was so easy to make! Only 3 ingredients made up the chocolate.

Check out Andersen Creation's Website here for more info.

We got to take home 3 boxes each of handmade goodies and had coffee/tea and choc fondue with strawberries and bananas whilst waiting for our chocolates to set.

I got home about 7pm that night and had a great sleep with my belly full of good food and lovely handmade chocolates.

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  1. Oh Michelle told me about he chocolate class. Looked like sooo much fun. Raw chocolate has the most luscious texture!

    1. It was fun and amazing how lovely chocolates can be made using 3 ingredients, no sugar (agave) and dairy free. Plus nuts and dried fruits etc.It was a nice small class too, Michelle managed to get a big blob of chocolate on her dress...and was going out for dinner with her friend still...LOL!! xx


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