Monday, July 21, 2014

This recipe is great for dinner parties with it's great for feeding crowds and smells amazing! For best results use Medium Grain rice; Bomba or Calasparra Rice is preferred.

1x Brown Onion, Diced
1x Red Capsicum, Diced
2x tsp. crushed garlic
1x Long Red Chilli, Deseeded, Finely Diced
1x Spanish Chorizo, Diced
1x TBSP Tomato Paste
2x cups Medium Grain Rice (Or use Bomba or Calasparra Rice)
2x tsp. ground turmeric and paprika
a good pinch of saffron threads
4x cups chicken stock (hot)
300gm Shelled, Deveined Prawns
300gm Cleaned Mussels
1x cup Frozen Peas & Corn
Chopped Parsley
lemon wedges

Mix Turmeric, Paprika and Saffron threads in the hot chicken stock and set aside to infuse.

Brown off Onion, Capsicum, Garlic and Chilli in some oil in a Paella Pan.

Season with Salt and pepper and add Chorizo until browned. Fry off Paste and add rice followed by the stock mixture and peas and corn.

Cover loosely with foil and simmer on low for about 20 mins until the rice is tender.

In the last 5-10 minutes arrange the prawns and mussels on top in a pattern and cover back loosely with foil.

Once the mussels have opened sprinkle with Parsley and arrange lemon wedges around the edges.


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  1. Oh Spain - how I love you!!! Anything and everything that reminds me of this foodie's haven brings a smile to me face. Paella is always a sure fire way to satisfy x

    1. I was a bit skepitcal about using the medium grain rice but it was great! Though I still would like to try the Bomba/Calasparra proper paella rice.


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